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PGx Testing:
Comprehensive Medication Response Test

At-Home Genetic Test To Check the Efficacy of Prescribed Medications

At Home Comprehensive Medication Response (PGx Gene Test)

Personalize your prescriptions based on your genetics to identify medications that work best for you

4U Health’s Comprehensive Medication Response Test analyzes 20 specific genes in your body known to impact the effectiveness of over 120 medications across various categories, including anti-cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infectious disease, mental health, neurology, pain management, rheumatology, urology, and more.

Help personalize your prescribed medicines with our most complete DNA medication response test. Learn if your unique gene makeup may impact the metabolism of your current or proposed prescriptions, which can cause an adverse drug reaction. Share your results with your prescribing physician(s) to steer clear of trial-and-error prescribing, and to assist in optimizing both current and proposed medications, thereby enhancing the likelihood of a successful medical outcome.

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Free Shipping, FSA/HSA Credit Card Payments Accepted

SKU: 4UKIT901 Category:

    4U Health Comprehensive Medication Response (PGx Gene Test)

    You want to match with the right medications based on your unique genetic profile

    A medication response test can help reduce trial-and-error prescribing with personalized drugs and doses. Over 90% of the population has at least one actionable gene variant that may affect the usefulness of prescribed medications and cause side effects.1

    Test to:

    • Discover which drugs may work more or less effectively for you
    • Learn which drugs may give you more or fewer side effects
    • Know in advance of being prescribed a medication if it’s likely the best option for you

    Analyzes 20 of your genes that may affect the usefulness of 120+ prescribed medications

    The 4U Health Comprehensive Medication Response Test may help you avoid taking medications that are not ideally suited to your genetic profile. We’ll analyze 20 of your genes and provide information about which drugs across 12 medical specialties may require dose adjustments, be less likely to work, or have an increased risk of side effects.

    Your report classifies 120+ anticancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infectious disease, mental health, neurology, pain management, rheumatology, urology and other drugs into three categories:

    • STANDARD PRECAUTIONS – No known interaction
    • USE WITH CAUTION – Moderate gene-drug interaction
    • CONSIDER ALTERNATIVES – Serious gene-drug interaction

    at home DNA test

    This test might be right for you if:

    • You want a report you can share now or in the future with any pharmacist or physician to help increase the likelihood you are prescribed the best medication option
    • You are experiencing less than optimal results from currently prescribed medications
    • You are taking multiple prescription medications for multiple chronic conditions
    • You have a personal or family history of adverse drug reactions

    Easily collect a DNA cheek swab from the comfort and privacy of your own home

    Your DNA test kit includes everything required for your mouth swab sample. We provide detailed instructions and a prepaid shipping label to return your sample to the lab.

    Parents, we’ve got you covered – although we recommend for children 2 years and older, you may test infants as well. Mouth swabs are easy and painless!

    DNA test kit

    Our tests bring hospital-grade results to your home

    Once we receive your test, we’ll send your physician-reviewed results usually within 2-7 business days.  4U Health at-home test reports are both accurate and easy to read. Use your results to identify any potential gene to drug interactions for current or proposed prescriptions. Prior to stopping any medications, share your results with your doctor or pharmacist to guide a discussion if a change in your treatment plan is appropriate.

    Digital Results

    Usually within 2 to 7 business days of your sample arriving at the lab, receive secure electronic results on your device of choice

    at home pgx result


    Simple to understand results to identify potential harmful drug to gene interactions.


    Your individualized genetic report ranks 120+ medications to help guide current and future selection of medications that increase the likelihood of the best medical outcome.

    Useful Results

    Share your hospital-grade results with your doctors and pharmacist to eliminate trial and error prescribing – ensure the best selection of medicines to efficiently treat your symptoms while reducing risks of negative side effects.

    How It Works

    Order Your 4U Health Self Collection At Home Lab Test Kit

    Order Your Test

    Order online with express delivery. In 1 to 2 days your DNA collection kit will arrive in plain packaging, ensuring a confidential testing experience.

    4U Health At Home Lab Test DNA Swab Sample Icon

    Collect Your Sample

    Your kit contains everything you need to test from home. Simply collect your cheek swab sample using the at-home testing kit and instructions. Then return free of charge to the lab with the provided prepaid shipping label.

    4U Health Receive Your At Home Lab Test Digital Results

    Fast, Accurate Results

    Typically you will receive electronic results within 2-7 business days after receipt by the lab. Have complete trust in your lab report’s accuracy, as all 4U Health testing kits provide hospital-grade certified results.

    Get Physician Support For Your 4U Health Self Collection At Home Lab Test

    Get Physician Support

    We’ve got you covered! A licensed physician orders your test and reviews your results. Share your report with your prescribing medical providers to maximize our laboratory services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s included in the at-home Medication Response (PGx Gene Test)?

    You’ll receive everything you need in order to self-collect your test specimen!

    • Pre-paid shipping both ways
    • Easy to follow instructions
    • An at-home DNA collection kit (via an easy cheek swab)
    • Return protective envelope to mail sample to the lab for testing
    • Electronic passcode protected results available from your phone or computer
    • Printable report to share with your doctor
    • Physician oversight throughout the entire testing process
    • Help along the way if you need it

    What will my test results show me?

    Your pharmacogenetics (PGx) test results help you identify what meds work best for you. Eliminate trial and error prescribing. PGx testing gives you and your physicians genetic insight into your body’s ability to process different drugs. This test provides empirical results to help you and your provider select the correct medicine from the beginning to help achieve the best medical outcome.

    For medicines you are currently or considering taking, screen for:

    • Increased Drug Toxicity

    Your body metabolizes the drug too rapidly, leading to potential adverse side effects of a standard dose.

    • Reduced Drug Efficacy

    Your body metabolizes the drug too slowly, leading to the medication not working as intended.

    • Hypersensitivity Drug Risk

    Your body’s genetic profile causes you to react severely to a typical drug dose.

    Share your results with your prescribing physician(s) to avoid dangerous drug to gene interactions.

    View a Comprehensive Medication Response (PGx Gene Test) Sample Report.

    What drugs does the Comprehensive Medication Response Test cover?

    4U Health’s Comprehensive Medication Response Test informs you on the usefulness of 120+ medications across various categories, including anti-cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infectious disease, mental health, neurology, pain management, rheumatology, urology, and more.

    Discover how your body is likely to metabolize this extensive list of drugs and use your results to learn which medicines may cause a good therapeutic or bad adverse outcome. For more information on which drugs this test covers, view full list of medications here.

    What's a medication response pharmacogenomics (PGx) gene test?

    Our comprehensive pharmacogenomics (PGx) test provides essential information on 20 genes which may affect metabolism and response to drugs across twelve medical specialties, including anti-cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infectious disease, mental health, neurology, pain management, rheumatology, urology, and more. Clinicians can use the personalized information provided with this PGx test to help select the best medication and dose for an individual patient, limiting potential adverse drug reactions.

    Drug Metabolism Genotyping
    Also known as pharmacokinetics, this analysis predicts the body’s impact on a drug. Its purpose is to determine patient-specific genetic variants that may influence the function of drug-metabolizing enzymes. It shows whether a patient is an ultrarapid metabolizer, extensive metabolizer, intermediate metabolizer, or poor metabolizer of a medication. Understanding your metabolizer phenotype is important, as it indicates how much of a drug may be active in the body to produce either therapeutic or toxic effects.

    Drug Response Genotyping
    Also known as pharmacodynamics, this analysis describes a drug’s predictive impact on the body. It considers the likelihood of a drug producing the desired therapeutic effect by identifying patient-specific genetic variants involved in how medications work. This can indicate the likelihood of a good (therapeutic) or bad (adverse) drug response.

    What's a drug-induced disease?

    Clinicians prescribe medications to treat disease or alleviate symptoms. The last thing you might expect is that a prescribed medication may do more harm than good. An adverse drug reaction (ADR) refers to the unintended side effects of a prescribed medication. A drug-induced disease occurs when an ADR warrants a patient consulting a doctor or getting hospitalized.

    ADRs and drug-induced diseases are a reality. FDA studies estimate that 7% of hospitalized patients have a severe adverse drug reaction.2 Drugs are approved by the FDA for use only if their potential benefits far outweigh the risks involved. But it’s important to note not all people react similarly to a drug. A particular medicine may benefit some people while causing others potentially life-threatening unintended side effects.

    A drug response test like this alerts patients and guides clinicians through the practice of personalized medicine. It allows prescribers to empirically select the best medications based on a patient’s unique genetic traits. This test may increase the likelihood of an optimal therapeutic outcome and limit the chances of an adverse drug reaction.

    What's personalized pharmacy therapy?

    One of the transformative trends in medicine is personalized pharmacy therapy. With the advent of medication response PGx tests, physicians and pharmacists alike can individualize a patient’s drug therapy consistent with that patient’s unique genetic makeup.

    Our Comprehensive Medication (PGx Gene Test) provides personalized medication guidance on 120+ drugs in the following therapeutic areas: anti-cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infectious disease, mental health, neurology, pain management, rheumatology, urology, and more.

    Does this test include result explanation?

    This state-of-the-art genetic test includes at no additional charge physician oversight throughout the entire testing process. Your report will give you the information necessary to have an informed discussion with your physicians and pharmacists to get the most out of your results.

    What genes does the Comprehensive Medication Response Test analyze?

    This is our most complete medication response test and analyzes 20 genes to identify 120+ medications for potential genetic induced adverse drug reactions.

    Analyzes 20 Genes:
    ANKK1, DRD2, Apolipoprotein E, COMT, CYP1A2, CYP2B6, CYP2C19, CYP2C9, CYP2D6, CYP3A4, CYP3A5, F2, F5, ITGB3, LPA, MTHFR, OPRM, SLCO1B1, TPMT, and VKORC1.

    See Full List of Genes and Alleles Tested

    What factors commonly influence the body's response to a medication?

    Multiple factors influence how a person reacts to a drug including:

    • Genetics
    • Age
    • Allergies
    • Medical History
    • Weight and Body Size

    Who should not take this test?

    The Comprehensive Medication Response (PGx Gene Test) is not suitable for the following groups of people:

    • Specimens collected in New York State

    If you’re experiencing a severe adverse drug reaction, such as difficulty breathing, vision problems, hives, fever, or vomiting, we recommend you speak with your healthcare provider right away.

    Can I buy now and use this test later?

    Test now or later. This at-home DNA test kit must be used by its expiration date – May 31, 2024. That’s great news if you are buying now but want to test yourself in the future or gifting to a friend or family member for later use.

    Can I gift this test to a friend or family member?

    All 4U Health tests are eligible for gifting. In fact, they make great presents. The recipient who receives your gift will simply open the kit, register it, and follow the collection instructions. Within a few days of sending to the lab, your friend or family member will receive secure electronic HIPAA compliant results all thanks to your generosity.

    Where is my lab test performed?

    4U Health tests meet national standards and are as accurate as those provided in a doctor’s office or hospital. We exclusively collaborate with the highest quality CLIA certified laboratories and health experts. All testing conducted complies with state and federal regulations, with our clinicians providing medical oversight throughout the entire process.

    How is my privacy protected?

    Rest assured; HIPAA security standards protect your data every step of the way while determining your gene to drug responses. Keeping your confidential data secure is our number one priority. We only share your information when required to deliver our products and services or where we are legally obligated to do so. Your results are securely protected and available for review in your online portal; always secure but easily accessible only to you.

    Will my Medication Response Test be covered by insurance?

    Many physicians don’t routinely order a medication response PGx Gene test. That’s because DNA tests like this often require pre-authorization from insurance carriers. If denied, patients with insurance coverage may face unexpected medical bills often in excess of a thousand dollars.

    With 4U Health you pay a fair price upfront and receive no surprise medical bills. 4U Health is not enrolled in Medicare or any other private insurance network. This test is not eligible for Medicare or any other federal or state-funded insurance program reimbursement.

    Still have questions about the test?

    So you still have unanswered questions. No worries, we’d love to hear from you. Reach us by e-mail, phone or chat and we will do our best to provide answers so you can determine if this is the best test for you or your child.