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Provider Program

Easily offer lab tests to in-office and telemedicine patients

Offer your patients a popular variety of self-collection lab tests – including a physician order! Our test kits provide a convenient and efficient way to collect samples without the need for a healthcare professional to be present. We can help you expand your practice and increase patient access to testing, as our offering allows individuals to collect samples from the comfort of their own home or your office, with no phlebotomist required.

Offering lab tests directly to patients provides several benefits for healthcare providers. First, it can provide an additional revenue stream, as patients are often willing to pay for the convenience and accessibility of self-testing. This can be beneficial to differentiate your services and provide a unique value proposition to patients. Additionally, offering our lab tests for sale allows providers to bypass insurance companies and other third-party payers. Our lab tests are often a lower cost option for your patients when taking into account deductibles and co-insurance. The diagnostic information from 4U Health’s lab tests can help improve patient outcomes – it’s a win/win for both the provider and the patient.

There are three ways to work with 4U Health:

  • Buy Kits In Bulk And Bill Your In-Office Clients:
    In this scenario, you purchase lab test kits at a discount in bulk (minimum five tests) and charge your customer a price you set. Register the patient online and supervise the patient’s collection in your office via blood drop, swab, saliva, or urine. Ship the tests back to us – we’ll send the results to you and your patient.
  • Buy Kits for Telemedicine Patients – 4U Ships Directly to Patient:
    With this method, you purchase kits individually for shipment directly to a patient’s home. You set the price and bill the patient. 4U Health handles everything else! The patient registers online, collects the appropriate sample, and returns it to the lab via a prepaid shipping label. When complete, we’ll send the results to you and your patient.
  • Affiliate Program – 4U Bills Patient & Ships Directly:
    We’ll generate a unique link for distribution to your patients (by email or QR code for example). 4U Health handles all aspects of the process, billing the patient directly up-front and sending results when complete. We’ll pay you a percentage of the sale as a commission.


We commonly work with the following types of providers:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Dieticians
  • Naturopaths
  • Nutritionists
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists

Not in this list but still interested? Reach out to us at today!

How It Works

Order Your 4U Health Self Collection At Home Lab Test Kit

Order Your Test

Order kits online in bulk for your office or shipped directly to your patients.
4U Health At Home Lab Testing Finger Prick Blood Sample Icon

Collect Your Sample

Each kit contains everything required to collect samples and prepaid shipping back to the lab.
4U Health Receive Your At Home Lab Test Digital Results

Fast, Accurate Results

You and your patient receive results within 2-5 days after receipt by the lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my patient need an order from a physician?

No! We partner with a telemedicine practice with physicians licensed in all fifty states. During kit registration we collect all of the intake information required for a decision.

Do you accept third party (insurance) payments?

4U Health is not enrolled in Medicare or any other private insurance network. This test is not eligible for Medicare or any other federal or state-funded insurance program reimbursement.