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  • Covid-19 Antibody Comprehensive Test

    COVID-19 Antibody Comprehensive Test ($229.00 - $259.00 )
    reviewed by Maty - Santa Fe, NM

    Got this test to learn if I ever had Covid. I did and also learned my antibody level. I'm so relieved I already beat Covid. This test was worth every penny to me. Love 4U Health 110%.

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  • At Home Covid Antibody Test With Antibody Level Kit

    COVID-19 Antibody Test With Antibody Score ($139.00 - $169.00 )
    reviewed by Nicole - Lake Oswego, OR

    I was vaccinated a while ago and recently got pretty ill with COVID in early summer. I thought there was no need to get a booster because I was just sick. Ordered this test just in case and found out I have almost no antibodies. Talked to my doctor and we decided it's best for me to get a booster asap. He also thought it was a good idea to recheck again one month after my shot to see if my immune system makes antibodies to the booster. Praying it does. Test was very useful to me.

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