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List of 140 Respiratory & Environmental Allergens

The 4U Health Expanded Respiratory & Environmental Allergy Test measures your immune response to 140 indoor and outdoor allergens that may trigger an allergic reaction. We’ll check your IgE antibody reactivity to inhalant and other environmental allergens, which when elevated identifies a potential allergy. See below for the full compendium of targets included in this at-home allergy test kit or click here for a comparison to other respiratory allergy testing options.

Dander & Epithelia

Cat, dander Fel d 1
Cat, dander Fel d 2
Cat, dander Fel d 4
Cat, dander Fel d 7
Cattle, dander
Djungarian hamster, dander
Dog, dander Can f 1
Dog, dander Can f 2
Dog, dander Can f 3
Dog, dander Can f 4
Dog, dander Can f 6
Dog, dander Can f_Fd1
Dog, male urine (incl. Can f 5)
Goat, dander
Guinea pig, dander
Horse, dander Equ c 1
Horse, dander Equ c 3
Horse, dander Equ c 4
Mouse, dander
Pig, dander
Rabbit, dander Ory c 1
Rabbit, dander Ory c 2
Rabbit, dander Ory c 3
Rat, dander
Sheep, dander

(25) Targets


A. fumigatus Asp f 1
A. fumigatus Asp f 3
A. fumigatus Asp f 4
A. fumigatus Asp f 6
Alternaria alternata Alt a 1
Alternaria alternata Alt a 6
Cladosporium herbarum Cla h
Cladosporium herbarum Cla h 8
Penicilium chrysogenum Pen ch

(9) Targets


Annual mercury Mer a 1
Common Ragweed
English Plantain
English plantain Pla 1
Lamb's Quarters
Lamb's Quarters Che a 1
Mugwort Art v
Mugwort Art v 1
Mugwort Art v 3
Nettle Urt d
Ragweed Amb a 1
Ragweed Amb a 4
Rough Pigweed
Russian Thistle
Russian thistle Sal k 1
Wall pellitory Par j
Wall pellitory Par j 2

(17) Targets


Bahia Grass
Bermuda Grass
Bermuda grass Cyn d 1
Common Reed Grass Phr c
Cultivated Rye Grass
Perennial Rye Grass Lol p 1
Timothy Grass Phl p 1
Timothy Grass Phl p 2
Timothy Grass Phl p 5.0101
Timothy Grass Phl p 6
Timothy Grass Phl p 7
Timothy Grass Phl p 12

(12) Targets


Latex (H. brasiliensis) Hev b 1
Latex (H. brasiliensis) Hev b 3
Latex (H. brasiliensis) Hev b 5
Latex (H. brasiliensis) Hev b 6.02
Latex (H. brasiliensis) Hev b 8
Latex (H. brasiliensis) Hev b 11

(6) Targets

Skin Yeasts/Misc

CCD (Hom s lactoferrin) Hom s LF
M. sympodialis Mala s 5
M. sympodialis Mala s 6
M. sympodialis Mala s 11

(4) Targets


Acacia Aca m
Alder Aln g 1
Alder Aln g 4
Arizona cypress
Ash Fra e
Ash Fra e 1
Beech Fag s 1
Date palm Pho d 2
Hazel (Corylus avellana)
Hazel Cor a 1.0103
London planetree Pla a 1
London planetree Pla a 2
London planetree Pla a 3
Mountain cedar
Mulberry tree
Olive Ole e 1
Olive Ole e 9
Paper mulberry
Silver birch Bet v 1
Silver birch Bet v 2
Silver birch Bet v 6
Sugi (Japanese Cedar) Cry j 1
Tree of heaven
Weeping fig (F. benjamina)

(28) Targets

Insects & Venoms

Common wasp Ves v
Common wasp Ves v 1
Common wasp Ves v 5
Fire ant
Honey bee Api m
Honey bee Api m 1
Honey bee Api m 10
Long-headed wasp Dol spp
Paper wasp Pol d
Paper wasp Pol d 5

(10) Targets


American house dust mite (D.farina) Der f 1
American house dust mite (D.farina) Der f 2
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 1
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 10
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 11
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 2
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 20
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 21
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 23
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 5
European house dust mite (D.pteronyssinus) Der p 7
Food mite (G. domesticus)
Grey flour mite (A. siro)
Mold mite (T. putrescentiae) Tyr p
Mold mite (T. putrescentiae) Tyr p 2
Storage mite (L. destructor)
Tropical dust mite (B.tropicalis) Blo t 10
Tropical dust mite (B.tropicalis) Blo t 21
Tropical dust mite (B.tropicalis) Blo t 5

(19) Targets