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Science Supports the Power of ‘COVID Natural Immunity’

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Wellness Blog: Covid

Natural Immunity COVID Turns out, if you’ve had COVID before, you may have some COVID natural immunity. Science says after beating a COVID infection, your body has its own way of protecting you, just like the vaccine does.

Scientists did a big meta-study on COVID natural immunity. They looked at 65 research papers from 19 countries. They wanted to see how well having COVID-19 before kept you safe from getting it again. They also checked if this natural immunity protection was as good as getting the vaccine. The study got published in a big science journal called the Lancet and was paid for by different groups, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

COVID Natural Immunity

The researchers found that if you had COVID in the past, you’re as protected against getting it again like people who got both shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. Even if some protection lessens over time, the shield you get from having had COVID is strong.

The study says that after your first COVID bout, if you get it again, it might not be as bad. It might even be mild or you might not feel sick at all. This study found that protection against severe illness remained high for different versions of the virus, including Omicron.

This study tells us something important. People argued a lot about vaccines. Some said having had COVID before protected them enough. But many didn’t believe it. Some people even lost their jobs over it. But this study shows those who thought natural immunity was enough might have been right.

Should I Get the New COVID Vaccine?

Getting the vaccine is good, especially if you’re not allergic to it. But doctors shouldn’t ignore worries about side effects, especially in young people. For older folks or those with weaker immune systems, talking to a doctor about the risks is essential to see if the benefits of the vaccine outweigh any potential safety risks.

How Long Does Natural Immunity to COVID Last?

A large percentage of Americans have already had COVID at least once. The official number exceeds more than 100 million cases, but there might be more unreported ones. This new study tells us our bodies can fight COVID for about ten months after getting it.

So, after all the arguing, this big science study says that people who had COVID before might have been safe all along.

At-Home COVID Antibody Test

If you want to check whether you still have antibodies from a past COVID infection or vaccine, there are at-home tests available that can tell you your current COVID antibody status and score. These tests can provide valuable information about your immune response. Remember, staying informed about your health status is essential, and these tests can offer insights into your body’s defense against COVID. Always consult with a healthcare professional to better understand your test results and make informed decisions about your health. Click here to see a great At-Home COVID Antibody Test option.